Why should you invest your money (and time) in this book?

Understand Where Your Traffic Is Really Coming From

Campaign-tag inbound PPC, email, social, banner, and remarketing links to determine which channels are sending traffic and driving ROI.

Fight Fragmentation

Learn how to consolidate your data and fight the data fragmentation that hinders performance analysis.

Make Google Analytics "Speak Your Language"

Implement custom dimensions and content groups so you can measure performance by content taxonomies and user classifications that are most relevant to you and your stakeholders.

Measure Success through Goals and Ecommerce Tracking

Configure goals, funnels, and Enhanced Ecommerce measurement step-by-step for retail, lead-generation, and informational websites and mobile apps.

Integrate with CRM

Merge GA data with back-end system such as CRM to measure offline lead qualification and long-term custom value.

Implementation through Google Tag Manager

GTM offers a better way to manage your GA implementation - we start from the ground up and break down the more advanced GTM topics such as variables, the data layer, development environments, and migration from native tracking.

Track Video Actions, File Downloads, and Other Important User Interactions

Capture the wide range of important user interactions such as video, file downloads, and scrolling that Google Analytics does not measure by default.

Insider Tips and Tricks

Learn a multitude of insider tips, tricks, and key perspectives from the authors and the expert contributors.

Cross-Device Reporting

Measure logged-in users across device and understand multi-device journeys to Ecommerce conversions.

Who should read this book?

Regardless of your role, if you’re new to GA or have been using GA for some time but have yet to attain the level of proficiency that you want and need, the book can, in fact, provide the blueprint for your own GA breakthrough, taking you beyond the default gaps and usage toward mastery and real effectiveness. If you’re already fairly adept with GA, the book will provide a solid review of best practices and surely many new tips and perspectives.

Marketers and Analysts

Written with the premise that should be “owned” by Marketing or a dedicated Analytics/Business Intelligence team, this book provides a comprehensive resource for implementation, configuration, and day-to-day best practices for achieving measurable improvement with Google Analytics rather than by IT.

Product Managers, Designers, User Experience (UX) Specialists, and Content Writers

Individuals in various roles at large enterprises, small-to-medium businesses, and advertising/design agencies can also use this book to learn how GA and the optimization mind-set can help them gain data‐driven insights and improve their results.

Managers and Executives

With the callouts, guest contributions, illustrations, and key takeaways throughout, the book can efficiently provide a solid overview of GA, even if the more detailed and technical discussions are skipped.


Many of the Google Analytics implementation steps require close developer involvement, both for initial instrumentation and ongoing maintenance through Google Tag Manager. If you are a developer or an IT manager, or if you are responsible for specifying requirements for the development team, Google Analytics Breakthrough provides both the high-level considerations and the nuts-and-bolts techniques that you need for a sound implementation.

To say I 'like' this book is an understatement - I LOVE IT!
Zhen Yi Eyo | iProspect
Zhen Yi Eyo | iProspect
Head of Analytics & Technology
I have been looking into a number of possible textbooks for the Web analytics course.
It will be a new course at Gulf Coast State College.

I have decided to use your textbook as I really enjoyed how you tie together the business decisions with the practical Google Analytics application.

I also prefer to use books that my students can take with them as they go into their first jobs.
Many of my students work while going to school full-time.
I am sensitive to the cost of textbooks and the impact on their lives.
I try to find books that they will use way beyond the courses I teach.

Your textbook fits all these criteria.
Karen Works, Ph.D | Gulf Coast State College
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Packed with advice from leading analytics experts, visually engaging design, actionable insights, and plenty of hands-on hints, the goes over the basics and takes a deeper dive into the Google Analytics platform with thought leaders action plans, and exercises for all levels of web analysts.

Chapters 6 and 7 are the ROI of buying this book. Tracking events and understanding and setting up accurate acquisition reports are worth the time and gaining a complete understanding of how.

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Craig Johnson | HTK Marketing Communications
Craig Johnson | HTK Marketing Communications
Digital Strategist/Advertising Manager

About the authors


Feras Alhlou

is co-founder & Principal Consultant of E-Nor (founded in 2003). He’s built an industry-thought-leader organization providing marketing intelligence solutions to some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Eric Fettman

is a founder of E-Nor Analytics University, an analytics trainer/coach, and the developer of googleanalyticstest.com, where participants have completed more than 100,000 tests to prepare for the GAIQ and build their GA skills.

Listen to Feras and Eric: Becoming an Indispensable Google Analytics Rock Star, Present Beyond Measure podcast.

About E-Nor

E-Nor, Inc. established in 2003 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, is a global digital analytics and marketing optimization consulting firm devoted to enabling organizations to become more data-driven. Our time-tested, platform-agnostic analytics framework provides digital intelligence through multi-device and multi-channel marketing optimization strategies, advanced analytics implementation, analysis, data visualization and training.

For more than 12 years in our analytics consulting and training work at E-Nor, we've gained a first-hand understanding of the challenges that organizations and individuals face when approaching Google Analytics, but we've also witnessed the satisfaction and bottom-line, long-term benefit that we've helped our clients achieve once they've mastered the tool for clean, comprehensive data capture and meaningful, data-driven decision making.

This book is designed to isolate the pain points, the potential pitfalls, and the many hidden opportunities in Google Analytics implementation and reporting, and also to provide an approachable, step-by-step plan for advancing from novice, casual, incomplete or incorrect usage to confidence and real proficiency in all aspects of GA.

If you can provide the hard work and the commitment to learning and action, we have broken down the high-level concepts and the specific techniques that you need to use Google Analytics effectively and successfully.

We dedicate this book to the amazing team at E-Nor and to the memory of Shiraz Asif.